17 pallets of underlay to be recycled!

carpet underlay, recycling

DC Waste have had a really busy few weeks. With several more retailers signing up for our carpet recycling services. This week we sent another 17 pallets of rubber and foam underlay for recycling at Ball & Young – almost a full load…next time…! January 2014 has been really busy for us, it seems that retailers are getting the idea that skip hire is an expensive means of disposing of their waste, with several skip hire companies actually refusing to take on carpet shops, due to carpets being an expensive and difficult material to dispose of.

Carpet recycling collections take off in 2013

At the end of 2012, DC Waste started a carpet recycling collection scheme, aimed at local carpet retailers who wanted to do something about the amount of carpet they were putting in their skip (Big rolls of uplifted carpet take up lots of space when they don’t fit properly in the skip, which limits the amount of waste they could dispose of per skip). Since the launch of the carpet recycling scheme in November 2012, we’ve had plenty of interest.

So, a quick update. In the two short months since the beginnings of the scheme towards the end of November 2012, we had collected 1.7 tonnes of waste carpet. Not bad for a new scheme.

Why would you hire a skip?

Hiring a skip is going to cost you more than you might think….

If you’ve got a job to do that will generate a lot of waste, you might think that you need to hire a skip, after all that’s what most people would do without a second thought, but how do you know how much waste you’ll need to get rid of?

Most skip hire companies charge by the size of the skip, offering a fixed price for a few different sizes such as mini, midi or maxi – but will your waste fit in one of these sizes of skips? Unfortunately, if you guess wrongly, the skip hire company will charge you extra to take it away.