Kirklees tip permits are in full force…

Kirklees tip permits have been up and running for awhile now and residents have had since 11th July 2016 to get used to the system.

If you’ve still not registered you can do so on the Kirklees tip permits website here. There are some restrictions such as small vans (less than 3 tonnes) and cars with trailers are only allowed in 12 times a year.

tip permit registration required

(C) Huddersfield Examiner – Registration required!

The following vehicles can’t be used at Kirklees tip sites: box type vans, vans exceeding 3 tonnes, flat-bed vehicles, pick-ups (excluding 4x4s), minibuses, horse boxes and agricultural vehicles.

You can’t take soil or rubble to Kirklees tip sites, these materials need to be collected by their bulky waste service – though you’ll end up waiting up to 3 weeks for them to collect the items from you. (We can do it within a week usually!)

If you have some large items that the council will take too long to come and pick up, give DC Waste a call on 07870 459 737 or send us an email for an obligation free quote.

It’s also quite likely that the council will start imposing charges for DIY wastes taken into recycling centres – many councils in the UK have begun charging anywhere from £1 to £4 per bag of DIY waste with other materials costing more (Hampshire council have plans to charge up to £10 for a single sheet of plasterboard.

The Department for Communities and Local Goverment (DLCG) says that it is illegal for local authorities to charge residents for DIY wastes and there is currently a review under way. However in light of budget cuts, all councils need to make significant savings. Charging for bulky waste collections has become standard throughout the UK and it won’t be long before charging for DIY wastes at HWRCs will get the green light.

If you need a large bulky waste item disposing of quickly and efficiently then give DC Waste a call on 07870 459 737 or send us an email for a quote. We can usually collect your items within a week at a time that’s convenient for you. We are able to take items from anywhere on your property and have extensive experience clearing houses and general wastes from houses and gardens from all over Kirklees.

Kirklees tip permits are needed to visit an HWRC now

You’ll need a Kirklees tip permit registration to take items into HWRCs now…