Fly-tipping on the increase in Kirklees

With recent budget cuts, local authorities are looking for ways to be more cost effective in service provision. Councils including Hampshire, Derbyshire and Surrey (£50 per car load if materials are loose) are beginning to charge for DIY wastes and other difficult wastes. Devon County Council currently charge £2 per bag of soil and rubble. Several councils have announced new charges for DIY wastes at Household Waste Recycling Centres. Kirklees council are refusing bags of soil and rubble wastes at the gates.

bags of soil for clearance

Fly tipping is on the rise in the UK. Kirklees has seen an increase of 16% in fly tipping incidents with an associated cost increase of 14% since new rules were introduced in July. This joker thought that he had found a nice, out of the way place in Croydon to dispose of his DIY wastes, tipping off around 3 tonnes of wastes in a back alley. Fortunatelyhe was traced on other CCTV cameras and prosecuted.

If you have some waste to get rid of, make sure you use a licensed waste company like us. DC Waste have been clearing peoples houses and taking away peoples rubbish since 2012, we have considerable expertise, We always provide a duty of care waste transfer note for your records to ensure that the waste we take is properly disposed of at licensed facilities – not the side of the road…

fly tipped waste

fly tipped waste on dis-used land in Oldham

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