Fly-tipping – Don’t get caught out. #CrimeNotToCare

Today (20th March 2017) marks the start of Keep Britain Tidy‘s nationwide campaign against fly-tipping #CrimeNotToCare. The campaign aims to highlight the fact that 47% of people don’t know that they are legally responsible if someone fly-tips their waste.

Waste figures released by the government in March reveal a huge 930,000 separate recorded incidents of fly-tipping in the UK. More than two thirds of fly-tips involve household waste and the number of white goods fly-tipped has more than tripled since 2012/13 to 48,674.

fly-tipping in Oldham

fly tipped waste on dis-used land in Oldham

Keep Britain Tidy are working alongside local authorities and with other organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Waste Managers (CIWM) in the waste sector to highlight waste crime in 2017. The #CrimeNotToCare campaign aims to cut off the supply of waste to criminals that are illegally dumping around the UK by educating the public about their responsibility to make sure the waste they create is disposed of properly.

The rise of un-licenced man and van types advertising cheap rubbish removals on Facebook and other social media platforms has contributed to the increase in fly-tipping over the last two years.

If you are looking to get rid of your waste, make sure that anyone you ask has a waste carriers licence, even if it is someone you know who says they’ll take it to the local tip for you. Don’t get caught out. You are responsible for the waste you create. It is a #CrimeNotToCare about your waste.

DC Waste Management Ltd are well established experts in bulky waste and general waste collections. Our waste carriers licence number is CB/NE5197HX (see the bottom of our website). You can check to see if someone is registered on the Environment Agency’s public registers website or call the EA on 03708 506 506.

If you have some waste that you want taking away quickly, efficiently and legally, give DC Waste a call free on 0800 023 5797 or 07870 459 737, or send us an email for a free quote. We have a huge amount of experience in clearing bulky wastes for residents of Kirklees. Kirklees council bulky waste collections team are already over stretched with up to 50 new fly-tipping incidents every day being reported. Residents wanting a bulky waste collection are having to wait 3 – 6 weeks before the council can get to them. DC Waste can usually collect within a week.