Bulky waste collections are keeping us busy!

We’ve had a busy few weeks at DC Waste keeping up with the demand for bulky waste collections in the Dewsbury and Huddersfield area, we like to try and keep our customers happy by making sure we turn up on time and do the job as efficiently as possible.

A lot of our customers are fed up with Kirklees council taking up to 5 weeks to collect their items. Annoyingly, at no point during the order process on the kirklees website does it say how long the wait might be, leaving customers in the dark about how long their bulky waste item is going to be in front of their house.

Kirklees council bulky waste collection slows again

We’ve had a busy few weeks at DC Waste, keeping our customers happy with on time and reliable bulky waste collections (we normally collect within a week, and often within a couple of days…)

With Kirklees Council being forced to make huge savings across their service provision, bulky waste collections are being left by the roadside with the council now stating up to 5 weeks for a collection to be carried out.

Kirklees bulky waste collection service

Kirklees bulky waste collection page showing 5 week wait time as of 13/7/17

House clearance tips

Starting out on a house clearance can be very stressful. Balancing family’s wishes with making sure that everything gets sorted out can be difficult. But it needn’t be. Make the best of it by following our house clearance tips below.

Tip # 1: Leave plenty of time to sort through and label everything.

In our experience, people often have a lot more contents in their homes than they had previously thought. With this in mind, make sure to leave plenty of time (usually days, not hours) to sort through everything and decide whether it’s to be kept or disposed of. Don’t forget the loft, garage or shed and use an easy to remember labelling system (like colours) as you go through the contents to show which items are to go where or are to be disposed of.

Needing a House Clearance or Downsizing? We can help…

House clearances can be a challenge. Whether it’s because your tenants have moved out and left you with their unwanted furniture or because a family member has passed away and their home needs to be cleared before the estate can be finalised. DC Waste have a great deal of experience in clearing houses and other properties, both small and large.

If you have a house or business property that needs clearing give us a call on 0800 023 5797 or 07870 459 737 or send us an email to get an obligation free quote.

cleared room of a large 6 bedroom house. One of many house clearances we have undertaken

Bulky waste collections – Kirklees Council start charging from May 2016

As of May 2016, Kirklees Council will be implementing a charge for all bulky waste collections. This will be:

  • £5 per bulky item – e.g sofas, wardrobes, chest of drawers, beds, tables, chairs
  • £20 per electrical item – e.g microwaves, fridges, freezers, TVs

On top of this, anyone currently booking a bulky waste collection with the council will need to:

  • Carry all the items outside
  • Have the items outside their house for up to 6 weeks
  • Pay up front in advance
bulky waste Sofa and bed base outside a property for clearance

Sofa and bed base outside a property for clearance

Thinking of Moving? Read these tips first!

Moving home? We know that moving house can be a really difficult time. And yes, we all know those people who make it look effortless, but the truth of the matter is that moving is hard – sometimes it’s because you loved where you lived, or because you didn’t, but at the end of the day there is a reason why most people only ever move once or twice in their lifetimes … and that’s because of ALL THE STUFF!!!

As a company, DC Waste Management have done our fair share of moves both personally and professionally and the aim is to make it as stress-less as possible

DC Waste expands into sampling trials with Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority

DC Waste have recently been involved in recycling trials with the Merseyside Waste Recycling Authority (MWRA).

MWRA wanted to know how well residents are recycling by measuring the amount of recyclables found in their general waste bins and recycling containers. DC Waste were tasked with sampling all of the different waste bins – general, recycling, green waste and food waste recycling from many different streets around Merseyside and bringing the samples back to a central sorting facility for analysis.


DC Waste taking samples from bins on the kerbside

DC Waste taking samples from bins on the kerbside

Need a Bulky Waste Collection in Kirklees?

Kirklees residents are getting fed up with the increasing wait times for the council to collect their rubbish. Sofas, beds, bedroom furniture, carpets can be seen piling up in front of houses and spilling out onto the street causing arguments between neighbors and also having the potential to become infested with rats and other pests.

6 week backlog for council’s bulky waste collection service

Kirklees residents are being told there is a six week wait time before their bulky waste can be collected.

In 2014, Kirklees council received over 30,000 requests for bulky waste collections.

A spokesman for the council said: “It is true that due to staff shortages and our prioritising resources to ensure the regular domestic waste collection schedules are maintained, that there are delays in bulky item collections and they are taking much longer than we would like.

“We have put messages on the website and on the phone lines advising people of the delay and advising of alternative means of disposing of such items, for example contacting charity collectors or taking them to the nearest household waste recycling centre.”

Another happy customer!

We recently completed a clearance of ivy from a clients garage, we cleared the ivy, making sure to sweep up after and leave any unaffected shrubs in a tidy condition.

And the weather was nice too!




And after!

DSC_0308 DSC_0309If you need a house, office or garden clearing, give us a call on 0800 023 5797 or 07870 459 737 and we’d be happy to come and give a free quote.

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