Bulky waste collections are keeping us busy!

We’ve had a busy few weeks at DC Waste keeping up with the demand for bulky waste collections in the Dewsbury and Huddersfield area, we like to try and keep our customers happy by making sure we turn up on time and do the job as efficiently as possible.

A lot of our customers are fed up with Kirklees council taking up to 5 weeks to collect their items. Annoyingly, at no point during the order process on the kirklees website does it say how long the wait might be, leaving customers in the dark about how long their bulky waste item is going to be in front of their house.

This week is national Recycle Week!

Recycle Week 2017

This week is Recycle Week! Monday 27th September 2017 marks the start of national Recycle Week which runs until 1st October.

The initiative is based on WRAP’s (Waste Resources Action Plan) Recycle Week – It’s Worth It! theme.

Every year, the theme of Recycle Week is based on the insights gained from WRAP’s annual recycling tracker. This year, trends have shown that the UK general public would like to know more about what their recycling materials get turned into. Each day of the campaign focuses on a different material and what they can be recycled back into – including items that people think cannot be recycled, such as shampoo bottles and aerosol cans.

Landfill capacity will run out in 7 years – latest data from Environment Agency

The Environment Agency has published the latest waste data from 2000 – 2016.

Graph of UK waste trends 2000 - 2016

UK waste trends 2000 – 2016

The data shows that the UK will run out of landfill capacity within 7 years, based on current trends in waste disposal.

There has been a steady increase in the number of treatment plants such as Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs), Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants and Waste to Energy incineration plants and others opening. The data also show that the number of metal recycling sites accepting scrap is decreasing. In 2016 there were 1,244 metal recycling sites accepting waste, 46 fewer than 2014.

Kirklees council bulky waste collection slows again

We’ve had a busy few weeks at DC Waste, keeping our customers happy with on time and reliable bulky waste collections (we normally collect within a week, and often within a couple of days…)

With Kirklees Council being forced to make huge savings across their service provision, bulky waste collections are being left by the roadside with the council now stating up to 5 weeks for a collection to be carried out.

Kirklees bulky waste collection service

Kirklees bulky waste collection page showing 5 week wait time as of 13/7/17

Biodegradable plastics aren’t a solution, in fact, they’re a problem

Biodegradable plastics have been causing a bit of hype recently in the green packaging sector. These plastics are being touted as a viable means of reducing the amount of plastics that end up in the world’s oceans. In theory yes, but in practice, no.

Bio-degradable plastics aren't recyclable

Fly-tipping – Don’t get caught out. #CrimeNotToCare

Today (20th March 2017) marks the start of Keep Britain Tidy‘s nationwide campaign against fly-tipping #CrimeNotToCare. The campaign aims to highlight the fact that 47% of people don’t know that they are legally responsible if someone fly-tips their waste.

Waste figures released by the government in March reveal a huge 930,000 separate recorded incidents of fly-tipping in the UK. More than two thirds of fly-tips involve household waste and the number of white goods fly-tipped has more than tripled since 2012/13 to 48,674.

fly-tipping in Oldham

fly tipped waste on dis-used land in Oldham

Fly-tipping on the increase in Kirklees

With recent budget cuts, local authorities are looking for ways to be more cost effective in service provision. Councils including Hampshire, Derbyshire and Surrey (£50 per car load if materials are loose) are beginning to charge for DIY wastes and other difficult wastes. Devon County Council currently charge £2 per bag of soil and rubble. Several councils have announced new charges for DIY wastes at Household Waste Recycling Centres. Kirklees council are refusing bags of soil and rubble wastes at the gates.

bags of soil for clearance

Kirklees tip permits are in full force…

Kirklees tip permits have been up and running for awhile now and residents have had since 11th July 2016 to get used to the system.

If you’ve still not registered you can do so on the Kirklees tip permits website here. There are some restrictions such as small vans (less than 3 tonnes) and cars with trailers are only allowed in 12 times a year.

tip permit registration required

(C) Huddersfield Examiner – Registration required!

The following vehicles can’t be used at Kirklees tip sites: box type vans, vans exceeding 3 tonnes, flat-bed vehicles, pick-ups (excluding 4x4s), minibuses, horse boxes and agricultural vehicles.

The DC Waste Fleet Expands Again!

DC Waste has expanded to another level with the addition of another transit luton box van to our fleet.

With Kirklees Council struggling to keep up with the demand for the collection of waste washing machines, fridge freezers, sofas and other furniture items, the new van gives us the flexibility to take on more work and be more efficient with our bulky waste collections.

A new van joins the growing fleet!

A new van joins the growing fleet!

If you have any bulky waste items you’d like taking away, give us a call on 07870 459 737 or send an email for an obligation free quote. We aim to collect your items within a week (better than the 3 week minimum wait for a collection by Kirklees council!).