House clearance tips

Starting out on a house clearance can be very stressful. Balancing family’s wishes with making sure that everything gets sorted out can be difficult. But it needn’t be. Make the best of it by following our house clearance tips below.

Tip # 1: Leave plenty of time to sort through and label everything.

In our experience, people often have a lot more contents in their homes than they had previously thought. With this in mind, make sure to leave plenty of time (usually days, not hours) to sort through everything and decide whether it’s to be kept or disposed of. Don’t forget the loft, garage or shed and use an easy to remember labelling system (like colours) as you go through the contents to show which items are to go where or are to be disposed of.

Needing a House Clearance or Downsizing? We can help…

House clearances can be a challenge. Whether it’s because your tenants have moved out and left you with their unwanted furniture or because a family member has passed away and their home needs to be cleared before the estate can be finalised. DC Waste have a great deal of experience in clearing houses and other properties, both small and large.

If you have a house or business property that needs clearing give us a call on 0800 023 5797 or 07870 459 737 or send us an email to get an obligation free quote.

cleared room of a large 6 bedroom house. One of many house clearances we have undertaken

6 – 8 Weeks to wait for a bulky waste collection in Kirklees

Kirklees Council are so far behind in dealing with bulky waste collection requests that there is now a 6 – 8 week wait before the item(s) can be collected. This is also the case in other councils nearby such as Wakefield District Council

Recently we have had several clients ask for a collection after calling the council, only to find out they have to wait almost two months! Fortunately for our clients we can be on site within the week, often on the same day. We charge a small amount to cover the costs of collection and disposal. We also provide a waste transfer note as evidence of the items being dealt with properly – not fly tipped.

6 week backlog for council’s bulky waste collection service

Kirklees residents are being told there is a six week wait time before their bulky waste can be collected.

In 2014, Kirklees council received over 30,000 requests for bulky waste collections.

A spokesman for the council said: “It is true that due to staff shortages and our prioritising resources to ensure the regular domestic waste collection schedules are maintained, that there are delays in bulky item collections and they are taking much longer than we would like.

“We have put messages on the website and on the phone lines advising people of the delay and advising of alternative means of disposing of such items, for example contacting charity collectors or taking them to the nearest household waste recycling centre.”

Another successful office / house clearance!

We were recently asked to clear a large stately house which had been converted into an office for a number of years. The owners decided to sell the house and so needed a large amount of waste unwanted furniture and old office furniture taking away. Of course, DC Waste were happy to help. We went along on the Friday to have a look and to meet the office manager to discuss her needs as to what she needed clearing from each room in the house and cellar. She was happy with our quote so we started work the following Monday morning.