How to recycle a mattress – the green fingered way!

Mattresses can be hard to recycle. A number of mattress recycling firms in Dewsbury have gone under recently as they’re just not easy to deal with… The below is taken from If you’ve ever had a wood framed bed and a mattress that you’ve wanted to give another lease of life to then look no further. Read on for more info…

Rubbish art – now that’s creative…

Street artist Francisco de Pajaro has made a name for himself turning the rubbish that people leave on the streets into creative works of art.

Picture of a skip with graffiti art painted on the rubbish it contains

“Rubbish is the only legal place you can make art on the street. There was a law in 2006 in Barcelona which outlawed painting on the street, suddenly all of the freedom was eliminated — all the best artists from Barcelona left. I couldn’t paint on the floor, on the walls, anywhere, but I had a need to express myself, so where?”

Graffiti art made with rubbish in the skip

You can find more of his work here on his website