Thinking of Moving? Read these tips first!

Moving home? We know that moving house can be a really difficult time. And yes, we all know those people who make it look effortless, but the truth of the matter is that moving is hard – sometimes it’s because you loved where you lived, or because you didn’t, but at the end of the day there is a reason why most people only ever move once or twice in their lifetimes … and that’s because of ALL THE STUFF!!!

As a company, DC Waste Management have done our fair share of moves both personally and professionally and the aim is to make it as stress-less as possible

In our experience we have found that it helps if:

* You choose a reputable company (and as you’re reading this post … well you’ve found one of these reputable companies)

The first step is to find someone to trust with your possessions. Often a reliable company can be recommended by a friend, relative or a colleague. We get a lot of work from previous clients who have recommended us. Have a look at our recommendations to see what people have been saying about us!

De-clutter BEFORE moving

This is probably the most important tip of all. Take the plunge and purge as many items as you can that you don’t use / need. Often people think that they will save time and hassle by moving ALL of their possessions to the new house with the intention of sorting through them when they are settled. In reality, this often leaves them with a mountain of boxes and bags that will take forever to sort through, which can be really demoralising when you should be excited to be in a new place.

So the golden rule for a lot of people is … If you haven’t used it, needed it, or thought about it for a year or more then maybe, just maybe you don’t need to move with it.

Leave plenty of time for packing

Don’t leave it until the last minute. Making sure that you are all packed before move day will ensure less stress on the day. When packing, start with items from storage areas first – things that you don’t need on a daily basis, items that have probably been sat there since you moved into the house! Once those are packed into suitable boxes, containers or bags, move onto the items that you use more frequently.

Label your boxes

Often clients will think they can unpack each box as they come to them once they begin the process of unpacking at the new house, but why not have the box in the correct room to begin with and know what is inside each box. It only takes a moment to add a quick scribble to the top of each box once packed.

How to pack

Use quality packing materials, good sturdy cardboard boxes are the best. Make sure they are clean and haven’t gotten wet in the past as this can compromise the strength of the box. Use bubble wrap on any fragile items and put sheets of newspaper / packing paper between plates and cups to protect them.

Put clothes in black bin bags or vacuum packs. If you’re putting them in black bags, you can just take any clothes on hangers, bunch them together and fold them into the bag whilst keeping them on the hanger. This can make them easier to pack into the removals van.

Large furniture – If you are able, it can make things go smoother on the day if you can take larger furniture items apart. especially if they will not fit through the door. This is something that we can do for you. We have a wealth of experience in taking items apart and reassembling them in your new home.

Pack books into smaller boxes. Don’t fill a very large box with lots of books as it will be unsafe to lift it and the box could break.

Tools from the garage should be boxed or grouped into bags. Any parts that go with them should be kept in the same box. Long handled items like forks, spades, rakes etc can be taped together. Small items should be put in boxes or sealed bags.

Make sure that you pack an essentials box – things that you’ll need straight away at the new house e.g kettle, tea/coffee, milk, medications, non-perishable food, clothes, kitchen utensils, towels, toiletries, hand tools, games for children and/or pets, and so on.


When moving house, ensure that you keep your valuable items with you, don’t hand them over to a removals company. This doesn’t just include your jewellery. Valuable paperwork such as house deeds, birth certificates, financial paperwork, laptops, tablets.

Getting the new house ready

If you subscribe to a media provider such as Virgin, Sky, Talk Talk, BT etc then you may want to start the switch of your media to the new property before you move. Most providers have a moving home service to ensure you have access to the internet and TV as soon as possible. The wait time for an engineer to implement the switch if you don’t let your provider know before moving can be several weeks, so it’s a good idea to do this in advance.


Finally, make sure to take your meter readings, you’ll need to give these to your current provider to make sure they don’t bill you for the next occupants usage.

When you leave, make sure that all the windows and doors are locked before you go to the estate agents to drop the key off.

Good luck with your move!


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