Carpet recycling scheme featured!

DC Waste’s new carpet recycling scheme has received some attention from industry news websites! So far we have been featured in an article in Recycling, Construction and Demolition Magazine and briefly mentioned on You can read the full article on HUB4 here.

Since November, we’ve been busy streamlining the carpet recycling scheme and finding reputable recyclers for carpet and other flooring wastes returned to us.

At DC Waste we do everything we can to follow the waste hierarchy. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The way we approach our carpet recycling scheme follows this mantra. We can’t easily reduce the amount of carpet fitting wastes being returned to us, so we do our best to recycle everything we can. We want the material that we collect and process to be recycled into useful end products, not sent for incineration, like most waste companies would. We do this by partnering with several leading recyclers who create new products from the material such as equestrian surfaces and mattress fillings.

So far, we’ve recycled just under a tonne of carpet fitting wastes, this is new carpet that fitters have cut off when they’re cutting the new carpet to size for a house / office or other space that would normally be left at with the householder to dispose of, or taken back to the fitter’s warehouse and dumped in the skip.

We’re working hard on other material streams at the moment too, making our service second to none in the recycling industry. Stay tuned for more updates!