Kirklees Council bulky waste collection service re-opens

Kirklees council briefly re-opened it’s bulky waste collection service as of today (11th July 2016)

The new bulky waste charging system will come into force from today, with bulky items costing £5 per item up to a maximum of £20 per booking (4 items). White goods and other electricals will cost £20 per item meaning only 1 item per collection. The booking system will not accept a booking with a combination of bulky items and white goods.

The council now also refuses Asbestos (as before) and now plasterboard. Any rubble, soil or tiles must be bagged and in manageable size bags. Each bag will cost £5 up to a maximum of 4 bags.

If you’re looking for a bulky waste collection but don’t want to wait a minimum of 3 weeks then give DC Waste a call on 0800 023 5797 or 07870 459 737, we normally collect within the week and can collect items from anywhere on your property – unlike the council who aren’t allowed to enter any property or outhouse.