Fly-tipping crackdown – councils can issue fines of up to £400 on the spot.

From Monday 9 May 2016 local authorities will be given greater powers to tackle fly-tipping by issuing penalty notices of between £150 and £400 to those caught in the act of fly-tipping anything from old fridges or sofas to garden waste or rubble.

Introducing fixed penalty notices for fly-tipping is the latest move in a government crackdown on waste crime, which costs the economy millions of pounds a year in clean-up costs, undermines legitimate business, and poses serious risks to our environment.

These new powers are in addition to The Control of Waste (dealing with seized property) Regulations 2015 which give council enforcement officers the right to be able to seize vehicles suspected of being involved in waste crimes. The owner then has 15 days to produce documents to show they are entitled to the vehicle after which the vehicle is then sold or destroyed. The owner is charged for recovery and storage of the vehicle.

The new legislation also broadens the range of waste offences for which a vehicle can be seized by enforcement authorities to include:

  • Breaches of the waste duty of care.
  • Operation of an illegal waste site.
  • Carrying controlled waste while unauthorised to do so.
fly-tipping on land in Oldham

fly tipped waste on dis-used land in Oldham

Once someone fly tips on an area of land it often attracts more people to fly tip there. The photo above shows this where there are several distinct piles of rubbish that have been dumped there on several different occasions.

If you have had some rubbish fly tipped on your land and would like it clearing, give DC Waste a call on 07870 459 737. We have cleared lots of fly-tipped wastes from peoples property leaving it tidy at the end. We are fully licensed waste carriers and always provide duty of care waste transfer notes as evidence to show that the waste will be disposed of properly.