Kirklees Council bulky waste collection service re-opens

Kirklees council briefly re-opened it’s bulky waste collection service as of today (11th July 2016)

The new bulky waste charging system will come into force from today, with bulky items costing £5 per item up to a maximum of £20 per booking (4 items). White goods and other electricals will cost £20 per item meaning only 1 item per collection. The booking system will not accept a booking with a combination of bulky items and white goods.

The council now also refuses Asbestos (as before) and now plasterboard. Any rubble, soil or tiles must be bagged and in manageable size bags. Each bag will cost £5 up to a maximum of 4 bags.

Kirklees council suspend bulky waste bookings

A lot of changes have been happening recently in Kirklees with the collection of bulky waste and the way the council deals with waste in general. See our bulky waste collections page for the latest updates regarding Kirklees waste plans.

Currently, the council’s online bulky waste collection service booking system has been suspended whilst the team catches up with the back log of requests which was up to 8 weeks. The system will be reinstated on the 11th July, along with the new charging and vehicle permitting systems.

Kirklees bulky waste collections postponed until 11th July

Kirklees bulky waste collection website capture

Fly-tipping crackdown – councils can issue fines of up to £400 on the spot.

From Monday 9 May 2016 local authorities will be given greater powers to tackle fly-tipping by issuing penalty notices of between £150 and £400 to those caught in the act of fly-tipping anything from old fridges or sofas to garden waste or rubble.

Introducing fixed penalty notices for fly-tipping is the latest move in a government crackdown on waste crime, which costs the economy millions of pounds a year in clean-up costs, undermines legitimate business, and poses serious risks to our environment.

Bulky waste collections – Kirklees Council start charging from May 2016

As of May 2016, Kirklees Council will be implementing a charge for all bulky waste collections. This will be:

  • £5 per bulky item – e.g sofas, wardrobes, chest of drawers, beds, tables, chairs
  • £20 per electrical item – e.g microwaves, fridges, freezers, TVs

On top of this, anyone currently booking a bulky waste collection with the council will need to:

  • Carry all the items outside
  • Have the items outside their house for up to 6 weeks
  • Pay up front in advance
bulky waste Sofa and bed base outside a property for clearance

Sofa and bed base outside a property for clearance

Recycling trial in East Devon sees impressive results – plans to move to 3 week general waste collections

East Devon council have recently been trialing collecting general (residual) waste bins once every 3 weeks in two areas the Colony in Exmouth and Feniton covering around 1,800 households. Residents of the trial areas were given plenty of notice (from June 2015) prior to the start of the trial in September 2015 and district council officers also put on events in public areas around the two trial areas to help educate residents on how to reduce, re-use and recycle their waste. Letters and leaflets were distributed to households in the trial areas and there was also a comprehensive media campaign.

Cheap oil puts 7000 plastics recycling jobs at risk

Plastics recyclers in the UK are struggling to stay afloat as cheap oil prices allow virgin plastics manufacturers to produce new product at a lower cost.

Whilst prices were high, recyclers were able to undercut manufacturers of virgin polymers and market their product effectively based on their green credentials. Unfortunately, in business, often the most important factor in sourcing a raw material is cost. Now that virgin polymers are cheaper than reprocessed polymers, customers are switching.


More than 7,000 people are employed in the plastics recycling industry.

The WEEE problem in the UK

If you’ve decided to upgrade your fridge, cooker, washer etc or your old one has stopped working you’ll need to arrange to dispose of it. Some retailers offer a take-back scheme for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) at a cost to the consumer (this is to cover the high cost of legal disposal to them). Alternatively you can take it to their local household waste recycling centre (HWRC) but a lot of people aren’t able to take theirs due to their bulky size. This is where the council step in and offer a bulky waste collection service – although currently they are experiencing exceptionally long waiting times. 8 weeks at last count!

Thinking of Moving? Read these tips first!

Moving home? We know that moving house can be a really difficult time. And yes, we all know those people who make it look effortless, but the truth of the matter is that moving is hard – sometimes it’s because you loved where you lived, or because you didn’t, but at the end of the day there is a reason why most people only ever move once or twice in their lifetimes … and that’s because of ALL THE STUFF!!!

As a company, DC Waste Management have done our fair share of moves both personally and professionally and the aim is to make it as stress-less as possible

DC Waste expands into sampling trials with Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority

DC Waste have recently been involved in recycling trials with the Merseyside Waste Recycling Authority (MWRA).

MWRA wanted to know how well residents are recycling by measuring the amount of recyclables found in their general waste bins and recycling containers. DC Waste were tasked with sampling all of the different waste bins – general, recycling, green waste and food waste recycling from many different streets around Merseyside and bringing the samples back to a central sorting facility for analysis.


DC Waste taking samples from bins on the kerbside

DC Waste taking samples from bins on the kerbside

6 – 8 Weeks to wait for a bulky waste collection in Kirklees

Kirklees Council are so far behind in dealing with bulky waste collection requests that there is now a 6 – 8 week wait before the item(s) can be collected. This is also the case in other councils nearby such as Wakefield District Council

Recently we have had several clients ask for a collection after calling the council, only to find out they have to wait almost two months! Fortunately for our clients we can be on site within the week, often on the same day. We charge a small amount to cover the costs of collection and disposal. We also provide a waste transfer note as evidence of the items being dealt with properly – not fly tipped.